October 23, 2021
CrossFit Iron Legion, Ocala, Fl
Venue: Strongman Seminar

Learn from Sam Cox and Josh Ellis on October 23rd at Iron Legion!

They will be covering Strongman and Powerlifting technique and programming perspectives.

Athletes will have instructional time with Q+A and also time to practically apply new techniques in a coached environment.

More about the coaches:

Josh Ellis

Owner and Founder: Move Mountains Training LLC

Athletic Achievements: 

  • 880kg/1940lb Total Classic Raw.
  • Continuously competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding since 2013
  • Over a decade of continuous gym experience and education.

As a Trainer/Coach: 

  • Top 10 personal trainer at a company with over 1100 trainers for 3+ years, grossing an average of 10k a month in revenue.
  • Coached a 15 year old to a 500lb squat/ 315lb bench/ 365 deadlift.
  • Coached several clients to massive weight loss and strength gain including one going from 470lbs, down to 370, while quadrupling his strength in the power lifts.
  • Coached a 60 year old male from 135lb squat and deadlift to 500lb on both, naturally.
  • Helped countless women get near or over 300lb on deadlift, and at least 225lb on squat.
  • Lead a 19 y/o natural lifter to a 405lb bench press and 600lb deadlift.
  • Started an ongoing Barbell Club, as well as a large (and growing) online team of both athletes and general population clients.


Sam Cox Credentials as a Coach

Produced 1 professional bikini competitor

Produced 1 internationally competitive strongman

Produced 1 national powerlifting champion

Studied under several of the top 5 world strongest man competitors as well as the world renown Charles Staley and Josh Bryant of Jailhouse Strong fame

Credentials as an athlete

Held the #5 ranking in the world in the 242 weight class in powerlifting with a 1960 raw total

Held a top 10 ranking in strongman as an amateur lightweight

Broke many state records in powerlifting, strongman and all round lifting