February 27, 2021

The GRIT Strength Challenge is a team based strength & fitness challenge utilizing primitive objects that were available during the Florida Seminole War period of 1817 thru 1858. Think of it as a combination of strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit with logs and barrels! This event will take place February 27, 2021.

The event location for the Grit Strength Challenge will be the newly restored Fort King in Ocala, Florida, site of the start of the 2nd Seminole War. This is entirely an outdoor event.

This will be a unique competition and is designed so all fitness levels can participate. Teams will be challenged to move objects over distance similar to what would have been used during the 1800’s: Logs, barrels, sandbags and more will be used to test your team.

Besides GRIT being an amazingly awesome event, GRIT is a fundraiser for Fort King National Historic Landmark. Fort King is a 42 acre park in Ocala and the park’s mission is to provide a space that educates the public about the Seminole Wars and the natural resources in our area. We have finished the first phase of our project by constructing the Fort walls and blockhouses on the very site the Fort stood around 200 years ago. 50% of the proceeds of this event will go towards special projects and programming at Fort King. These projects and programs will provide opportunity for our community to connect on a deeper level to the park. Projects will include support for our Time-period Heritage Garden, youth programming, and forming a Fort King Garrison. Thank you for being a part of GRIT and supporting Fort King National Historic Landmark.

The Events are now live! View them now.


View the events now. If you enjoy unusual challenges, this event is for you. All you need is a team of 3 people and a desire for a challenge. This is a 3 person same-sex team competition broken into the following divisions:

Beginner: Somewhat active, may have had a gym membership in the past or one today, possibly participated in a 5k or know they can. Open to a challenge.

Intermediate: Active. May have participated in an obstacle course race or CrossFit competition at some point. Open to a challenge

Advanced: Very Active. Participates regularly in obstacle course races, CrossFit competitions or strength challenges. Open to a challenge.

Friday night camping will be available for athletes but is not required.


  • Incredible feats of strength by our athletes!
  • Ax throwing and similar fun activities.
  • Musket and cannon firings.
  • This is a family-friendly event.
  • Period-related vendors (furs, blacksmiths) and athletic vendors will be on site both days.


Saturday, February 27th from 8am-5pm

  • Team Events
  • Athlete Skill Stations
  • Fun events! (No points)
  • Ax Throwing and related badass activities
  • Vendors
  • Podiums / Award ceremonies around 5pm or earlier.


Registration is now open. Stay up to date by following our Instagram  and Facebook pages.

Interested in learning more about the history behind Fort King and the Second Seminole War? Check out their website.

3925 E Fort King St
Ocala, Florida, 34470