February 5, 2022
Fort King Historic Landmark, Ocala, Fl
Venue: GRIT Strength Challenge

The GRIT Strength Challenge is a team based strength & fitness challenge utilizing primitive objects that were available during the Florida Seminole War period of 1817 thru 1858. Think of it as a combination of strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit with logs and barrels! This event will take place February 5th, 2022

The event location for the Grit Strength Challenge will be the newly restored Fort King in Ocala, Florida, site of the start of the 2nd Seminole War. This is entirely an outdoor event.

This will be a unique competition and is designed so all fitness levels can participate. Teams will be challenged to move objects over distance similar to what would have been used during the 1800’s: Logs, barrels, sandbags and more will be used to test your team.

Besides GRIT being an amazingly awesome event, GRIT is a fundraiser for Fort King National Historic Landmark. Fort King is a 42 acre park in Ocala and the park’s mission is to provide a space that educates the public about the Seminole Wars and the natural resources in our area. We have finished the first phase of our project by constructing the Fort walls and blockhouses on the very site the Fort stood around 200 years ago. 50% of the proceeds of this event will go towards special projects and programming at Fort King. These projects and programs will provide an opportunity for our community to connect on a deeper level to the park. Projects will include support for our Time-period Heritage Garden, youth programming, and forming a Fort King Garrison. Thank you for being a part of GRIT and supporting Fort King National Historic Landmark.

Athlete Information:

  • 3 Person Same Sex Teams
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions
  • Skill stations for extra points
  • Saturday Competition
  • 100% Outdoor Event
  • Blacksmith Demonstrations
  • Fresh farm to table food

Spectator Information:

  • Feats of Strength by our athletes on Saturday
  • Amazing grilled meats Saturday
  • Ax Throwing throughout the day
  • Musket and Cannon firing during the event
  • Family Friendly
  • Numerous apparel and food vendors – both period related vendors (furs, blacksmiths) and athletic vendors will be on site both days

Divisions & Movements:

If you enjoy unusual challenges, this event is for you. All you need is a team of 3 people and a desire for a challenge. This is a 3 person same-sex team competition broken into the following divisions:
Beginner: Somewhat active, may have had a gym membership in the past or one today, possibly participated in a 5k or know they can. Open to a challenge.
Intermediate: Active. May have participated in an obstacle course race or CrossFit competition at some point. Open to a challengeAdvanced: Very Active. Participates regularly in obstacle course races, CrossFit competitions or strength challenges. Open to a challenge.



Mini Events:

Mini Events must be completed in the window of time given or the score will be zero. There will be no partial scores for uncompleted distances or weights.

Mini Events are first come, first served. No Heat Schedule. Mini Events will also close one hour before podiums. Announcements will be made on the field day of the event.

Farmer Carry 

Scored for fastest TIME.

  • 50’down, 50’ back. Drops permitted
  • Burlap Sacks – for time relay with team
  • Equipment: 2 Burlap Sacks per Female and Male Divisions filled with SandBags to appropriate weight.
  • Beginner (each hand)     F/M 25lb / 50lb
  • Intermediate (each hand)     F/M 50lb / 100lb
  • Advanced (each hand)    F/M 50lb / 100lb
  • Time Cap: 3 minutes

Weighted Pull 

Scored for fastest TIME.

  • 50’ down 50’ back
  • Rope connected to wood sled (Barrel) drug thru sand (involve Team)
  • Equipment: One Barrel, One pull rope, connection from pull rope to barrel. Team member on barrel
  • Beginner:     Barrel w/ Team Mate rider stationary drag by other team mates
  • Intermediate:     Barrel w/ Team Mate rider stationary drag by other team mates
  • Advanced:    Barrel w/ Team Mate rider stationary drag by other team mates
  • Time Cap: 2 minutes

Yoke Carry (Zercher) – equipped with swinging sandbags per side

Scored for fastest TIME.

  • 50’down, 50’ back
  • Log. Loaded by Team members to Zercher position, alternate as needed and relay 3 rounds drops permitted and team can help reload.
  • Equipment: 1 Log per weighted male and female divisions
  • Beginner:     F/M 0lb / 50lb
  • Intermediate:     F/M 50lb / 100lb
  • Advanced:     F/M 50lb / 100lb
  • Time Cap: 3 minutes

Ground to Shoulder / Front Squat Complex


  • 3 Ground to Chest (Extension) + Max Effort Front Squats
  • Team load, relay style
  • Equipment: 1 Burlap Sack per Female and Male Divisions filled with SandBags to appropriate weight
  • Beginner:

Female: 25

Male: 50

  • Intermediate:

Female: 50

Male: 100

  • Advanced:

Female: 100

Male: 150

  • All team members will successfully complete a round – after which any team member can perform reps until time cap.
  • Time Cap: 5 minutes

Team Lift

Score will be fastest TIME

  • As a team perform 30 Deadlifts with the chain.
  • As a Team Walking Lunge chain to the middle of the field. (~75’)
  • As a team perform 20 Back Squats with the chain.
  • As a Team Walking Lunge chain to the end of Field. (~75’)
  • As a Team perform 10 Front Squats with the chain
  • Drag / carry chain back to start. Any way, any style, drag or carry. (~150’)
  • Time Cap: 5 minutes

Hercules Hold


  • Team / Judge assist Load
  • Weights set, score is accumulated, time held, 60 second transition between athletes. Time starts at a loaded position.
  • Equipment Required: Wood standing platform, 2 – 10’ logs per division
  • Beginner:     F/M (each hand) 130/250
  • Intermediate:     F/M (each hand) 200/285
  • Advanced:     F/M (each hand) 250/300

Main Events:

Event Floater 1 (Floater means First Come, First Served – No Heat Schedule):

  • Tower Siege
  • AMRAP in 5 Minutes
  • F/M 25/50
  • Sandbag will move from ground to top of tower via team hand-off.
  1. Team member 1 lifts the bag from the ground and hands it through the window to Team Member 2 waiting inside the tower. Team member 1 then climbs through the window and takes the position of team member 2.
  2. Team member 2 takes sandbag up the three flights of stairs and transfers sandbag to team member 3.
  3. Team member 3 drops the bag out the 2nd story window of the tower, then sprints down the flights of stairs, exits the window on the first floor of the tower, picks up the bag from ground and then transfers the bag through the window to the waiting team member from step 1.
  4. Continue in this manner – alternating positions until time is called. Rounds and the last sandbag transfer location will be used for score.


Event Floater 2: (Floater means First Come, First Served – No Heat Schedule)

  • Tower 2 : “Block and Tackle Cannon Prep”
  • Score is TIME
  • Move 3 Cannons 50 Yards to Tower
  • Lift the 3 Cannons up and through the Tower window
  • Load Cannon Sling with Cannon(s)
  • Hoist each cannon via rope, block and tackle to top of Tower
  • Unload each Cannon on Top Tower Platform
  • Carry 3 Cannons down the stairs (This cannot begin until all 3 Cannons are unloaded on top deck)
  • Lift Cannons up and through the Tower window
  • Return Cannons to Start 50 yards from Tower

Cannon Weights:

Beginner:     Female 25lb / Male 25lb

Intermediate:     Female 25lb / Male 50lb

Advanced:     Female 50lb / Male 100lb

All 3 Cannons must start and end at the same position. Distribute work and movements anyway amongst the Team to get the fastest time.

Event WOD 1 (Scheduled by Heats): “Assault on Fort King” The staging field outside of Fort King will be completely set up with an 1800’s Era Garrison set up. Field tents, sleeping racks, fire holes, soldiers, chuck wagons, hay bales and more.

  • 30 Man on Fire Burpees – 2 Team Members working synchronized at a time while 1 “rests” in a plank. Alternate as needed
  • Forward roll 25’ as a Team
  • Grab Log, grab Hammer, Attach Flags to waist
  • Begin ~1000m Burden Run (Burden is the Log and the Hammer – switch as needed through the run)
  • Avoid Sprinters. Sprinters will be staged throughout the run and will remove your flags if they catch you. 1 minute added to time for every flag you do not finish the workout with.
  • Avoid musket fire and associated musket noise and smoke.
  • Avoid Cannon fire.
  • Arrive back on the Main Field.
  • Load a waiting stretcher with one team member.
  • Navigate the stretcher over, under and through all obstacles as detailed on the day of the event. Obstacles will include everything from an 1800’s Era Garrison set up: Field tents, sleeping racks, fire holes, soldiers, chuck wagons, hay bales and more.
  • Once field navigation is completed – load log onto the Keiser Sled
  • Each Team member will use hammer to move log up and down the Keiser Sled
  • Sprint as a team (no burden) 25 yards to the finish
  • Score is Fastest Time Wins
  • This will be a “live fire” scenario – muskets and cannons will be firing all around you. And the soldiers – they love “new guys”…

Event WOD 2 (Scheduled by Heats): “Close Quarter Strength Medley” Inside Fort King:

  • 5 Ground to Over Shoulder
  • 150’ Sprint / Rope Drag
  • 150’ Sprint
  • 100’ Hand over Hand Sled Drag 245
  • 100’ Sled Push 245
  • 100’ Bear Hug Carry
  • 3 Rounds (One Round per Team member)

Ground to Over Shoulder and Bear Hug Carry Weights:

Beginner:     Female 25lb / Male 50lb

Intermediate:     Female 50lb / Male 100lb

Advanced:     Female 100lb / Male 150lb

Sled Weights:

Beginner:     Female 85lb / Male 115lb

Intermediate:     Female 115lb / Male 165lb

Advanced:     Female 165lb / Male 215lb