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As a Crossfit athlete myself I don’t just practice functional movement I apply it into my own training. And As a professional who works with athletes, a lot of the injuries and pain complaints that I hear, though not all, are due to improper loading or positioning in even the most simple movements such as an air squat or pull up. When these skills are performed under load or with intensity, poor mechanics can cause certain muscle groups and joints to take on a role they shouldn’t. This is when injury and pain can occur. My goal as a doc who works with athletes and even non athletes is my assessment through movement. At this point I am able to teach how a good position should feel, along with applying corrective exercises, and joint manipulation — a patient can begin to move better and in turn move more.

Dr. Nick Neratka is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida and has been working at Iron Legion for over a year.

Certifications – Active Release Technique, Graston, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Motion Palpation

Specialties – Functional Movement, Biomechanics, Functional Fitness, Sports Medicine

Top 20 Elite Team Division Finishers – Wodapalooza 2018

#MoveOften and Positively affecting lives through fitness

Common Injuries – Back/Neck Pain, Headaches, Extremity Pain/Injuries including tendinitis, Sports related injuries.