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Getting better at CrossFit and increasing your fitness isn’t just about going to the gym and doing the daily WOD. There is a lot you can do outside of the gym to take yourself to the next level and increase performance.

Diet: First and foremost, what you’re eating plays a major role in training. This can’t be discounted. Consider getting on a Paleo friendly diet or other diet that supplements your training goals and be sure to replenish yourself with recovery in mind. Consume a recovery drink (protein shake or other) post-WOD or otherwise eat a healthy meal shortly after a tough gym session so you don’t remain in a catabolic state. Repairing muscles and refueling is critical.

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If you’re starting your CrossFit journey, say within the first 6 – 12 months of joining  CrossFit Iron Legion, there is a handful of equipment you’ll want to procure along the way to help you maximize your experience. Note, this isn’t gear you have to have, but rather it’s gear you’ll want to have if you plan on working out regularly and want to see your performance increase.

If you check the gym bag of most any CrossFit firebreather, you’ll find the following:

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