Do Injuries Make You or Break You?

Injuries, pregnancy, the inevitable aches and pains, they can and do set us back in our fitness journey’s not only physically but mentally. But physical setbacks should never be a reason to pull back entirely. Yes, it can be defeating and discouraging feeling like you are having to start back at square one. Let’s be honest though, that’s your ego.

After All, movement is medicine. No matter what kind movement. And starting from scratch is not actually a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to correct bad habits, to learn and grow, not just physically but mentally. How we work through seasons of setbacks in our lives can say a lot about who we are. You will either hold on to who you were and where you were chasing a person or level you were at or you can use the opportunity to evolve, come out stronger, wiser, a version of you that is far greater.  Am I right or am I right?

We have had multiple members work through and around injury, surgery, pregnancy even around the CrossFit Open. The CrossFit Open is EXTREMELY affiliate friendly meaning the workouts are designed with multiple scaling options and allows for further modifying if needed just like we do every day here at Iron Legion. Just because you may be adapting the workouts this year doesn’t mean you should hold back from participating. Use this as your new baseline or a baseline in general. Something to compare to next year. Use it as an opportunity to get to know fellow members. Use it to challenge yourself in way that many of us DO find hard–stepping back but continue to keep moving. And when in doubt, you have some pretty amazing, experienced and knowledgeable coaches that are always willing to COACH and guide you back to or beyond where you want to be!

LASTLY, if you are hesitant on being on an Iron Legion Open team because you think would be the weak link, first tahts not how the teams and scoring work BUT for the sake of argument ask yourself this… if you had someone on your team having to modify but wanting to participate would you have considered them a weak link?? I’m guessing not.  That’s not our community. So, what makes you think you need to feel that way? Just sign up and have fun with your gym fam and set some new goals for 2023!

Here are two members who have worked around and come back from their own injury and pregnancy Journey while still working out every day and even participating in the CrossFit Open.

Meet Haley

“Hi! My name is Haley Freeman and I am 28 years old. I have been doing CrossFit for Eight Years total and first participated in the CrossFit Open in 2016. I decided to participate in the Open because I was interested in testing my skills compared to others around the world and it was a fun little competition at the gym.

I found doing the open to be invigorating. I love the Open every year. The competition is great and the whole gym is hyped. I always manage to push myself more during this season due to the hype and support of the gym. Which is why My favorite part is the camaraderie that comes with it. Everyone is very supportive and pushes you harder. We all help judge each other and workout next to each other. There is something special about having a fellow athlete count your reps and judge your time. It pushes you to go faster every time. 

I think someone who has had an injury or is working around their pregnancy should still do the Open. JUST Do it. Sign up and do it. Period. You will surprise yourself; I promise. I did the open while pregnant in 2021 and five months postpartum in 2022. It was incredibly empowering to have my daughter with me for both CrossFit Opens. I even got one single muscle up during the 2022 open! I surprised myself, just like you will. Don’t miss the opportunity to “wow” yourself and those around you.”

                                                                                                                                                                          -Haley Freeman

Meet Mari

“Hi my name is Mari Rivera and I’ve been doing Crossfit for 7+ years. My first year doing the CrossFit Open was in 2015. I decided to participate because most of the athletes back then were doing it.

And if I am being honest, until a few years ago I got very nervous because there used to be 5 Workouts, but I do not get nervous anymore maybe because the Open changed to 3 workouts, and I think the excitement was just getting started at 3.

My favorite part about the CrossFit Open was that it got our CFIL family together…  That in itself motivates you to compete.

If someone I knew was questioning whether to participate in the CrossFit Open due to an injury, I would share that I have had 2 shoulder surgeries… only missed a few days and I was back at the gym rehabbing and doing all I was capable of doing. Having said that, anybody not because of the Open should just go to the gym and scale a workout if you have those kinds of days, but to be honest I do hold back at times because of fear of re-injury and I end up scaling the workout.  there is nothing wrong with adjusting the workout, either way you are here.

I think everybody in the gym (all levels) should do the Open and bring back the excitement because it really is a great experience with our gym members!!”

                                                                                                                                                                            -Mari Rivera