Are you someone that feels like you need to be knowledgeable in all the details, experienced in each situation, good at every skill before you will jump in and  participate or be a part of something?


You’re not alone.

I am usually that person. If I don’t feel like I’m at least average in a certain area then I feel I need to step back and wait till next opportunity, next season, next event. But how many times do we miss out because we “aren’t ready” and are we really? Or is that just something we made up in our heads because this thing we aren’t “ready” for is just new and unknown? When in reality we may surprise ourselves and do more than we even thought we were capable of?


This tends to happen every year during the CrossFit open for sooo many CrossFit athletes he decide to participate. One of our Iron legion members,  who last year had only been doing CrossFit for about a month, did the Open. Here is what he has to say about jumping in regardless of his experience with the sport..

Meet Collin:

Hi! My name is Collin McGinnis, I am 28 years old. I’ve been doing  CrossFit for 1 year. My first time doing the CrossFit Open was last year not long after I joined Iron Legion. 


I was told about The Open by one of the coaches, and although I questioned myself if I could do it or should do it, I couldn’t find a reason not to. So I did! 


Of course I was definitely a little nervous, I didn’t really know what to expect or how it even worked. The coaches & other CrossFit members helped a ton! Crossfit is more of a team sport than you would think!


Realizing how much work & prep that goes into the sport made me realize that my fitness has no limits, just how much effort I decide to put in. Seeing my own progress throughout this past year since last years Open has been eye opening to setting some fitness goals I never thought were possible. 


If you start to second guess yourself, sign up before you even have a chance to do it again! Iron Legion has your back!”

-Collin McGinnis