Get to know Iron Legion athlete Stephanie R!


Where are you from? Canton, Michigan

What do you do for a living? Registered Nurse

What brought you to Ocala (if you aren’t from here)? Nursing school (then I met my husband and stayed)

How are you doing this trying time? Hanging in there

What is some advice you wish you could give everyone? Always give yourself some grace

What is the most memorable/funniest/craziest thing that has happened in a class? I can’t think of anything specific but every time I hit a PR or do something I didn’t think I could do is a good day.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Cleans

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? Front squats

What is a goal you’ve crossed off your list since being a member at Iron Legion? A strict pull-up

What is a future goal you’re working towards? Toes to bar

What is your go to meal or food prep trick during the week? I stick to the same meals for the week to keep it simple.

What is your favorite local restaurant and what do you get from there? Taqueria Lupe, tacos or quesadillas

What do you do do rest and recover?  Chase around my toddler

What initially brought you into CrossFit Iron Legion and what would you tell someone hesitant about trying CrossFit out? We came from another CrossFit gym. I would tell someone to just do it.

Next time you see Stephanie, her a high five or an elbow bump and congratulate her on her consistency!