Meet Peggy, or at least learn a little bit more about her! She’s been with us for years and is a staple in our afternoon classes. 


Where are you from?

Panama originally, but I’ve been in Florida for 25 years.

What do you do for a living?

Outreach Specialist at the College of Central Florida (not the best time to have outreach in my title)

What brought you to Ocala (if you aren’t from here)?

Parents moved our family here.

How are you doing this trying time?

Surprisingly well; it’s made us all (especially me) slow down. My patience has grown so much and I’ve become more intentional on the important things.

What is some advice you wish you could give everyone?

Always make time for yourself; even if it’s 10 min a day. That time is necessary for your mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

What is the most memorable/funniest/craziest thing that has happened in a class?

My memory is the worst and I cannot think of a single thing.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

KB swings (but honestly running; if that counts)

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?


What is a goal you’ve crossed off your list since being a member at Iron Legion?

I’ve got several! I’ve improved my 5k/10k race times (getting several PRs), completed a sprint triathlon, did a pull-up, returned to pre-baby weight plus extra!

What is a future goal you’re working towards?

Improving my triathlon time and training for a half marathon.

What is your go to meal or food prep trick during the week?

Do all food prep on Sunday; but if something comes up I try to have snacks that I can combine to make a meal. Usually it’s a combo of fruit, nuts and cheese (that can fill me up in a pinch).

What is your favorite local restaurant and what do you get from there?

Longhorn. If it’s dinner I get either the sirloin with veggies or shrimp with rice and veggies. If it’s lunch their chicken strawberry salad hits the spot.

What do you do do rest and recover?

Honestly, I’m terrible about taking rest days! If I end up with one it’s because I have a long workday or it’s a busy workday and I end up with no time to workout. But given time, I love to get massages. This is an area that I really struggle on.

What initially brought you into CrossFit Iron Legion and what would you tell someone hesitant about trying CrossFit out?

I’ve always wanted to try it, was on maternity leave and decided why not. I would say that every single person can do this no matter their age or capacity. That’s what makes it great and fun!