New world? Strong statement I suppose. Make no mistake – those of us involved in building a strength culture are 100% working to create a new world.


Stronger Moms = stronger babies. Setting an example right from the start is HUGE. Our community at Iron Legion has some of the most impressive examples of Moms. Moms that have literally decided that THEY are the best example for their children.


It’s a running joke at Iron Legion to not drink the water. It’s pretty likely you’ll get pregnant. And let me tell you – we have seen a LOT of babies get their start right here. A LOT.


Is it in the water? Nah. But I will say it’s 100% attributed to our community – a community that holds itself to a higher standard. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves for our families – we do that through accountability, nutrition, mindset and great workouts. Healthier, stronger people and families are created as a result.


I’ve believed in Moms training to full term, always. I believe that the human body is literally designed to handle WAY more than our current modern society thinks it is. Coolest part is that I get to see it first hand with our Moms.


I’ve seen both sides.


Moms that immediately stop training a few months into pregnancy – a choice that is theirs and one that I have no business in.


But –


I have also watched Moms continue to train in some way shape or form for the full term of their pregnancy. And the ones that do – are able to get right back at it sooner.


It goes without saying they are happier, healthier and stronger.


In all my support of this during the years, I want to tell you about a flaw in myself that I corrected.


A couple years back we had a coach give birth. She was one of the ones who trained straight through. I loved her dedication to her training and our community. Still do.


She had her baby – and wanted to get right back at it. She would wear her baby in a sling and want to coach.


I confess I’m a bit of a knuckle dragger at times. I got this thought that maybe it wasn’t the best “look” to have her coaching on the floor with a baby. I thought it might hurt our “strong” image. I was uncomfortable with it and thought about minimizing her time on the floor.


What I was thinking was silly. Stupid. And 100% against what we are all about.


I stood behind strong Moms 100%, yet I had an issue with it when they wanted to continue their work, their passion – with their kid? I had an issue with me that I had to deal with.


Let me clarify – I’m not talking about someone just wanting to bring their kid to work. I’m talking about someone who was working HARD and making her new situation work any way she could. This person was still finding ways to bring value even though her circumstances had changed so dramatically.


And you know what else she was doing?


Setting an example of what a strong Mom can look like. Setting an example by staying the course and following her dreams – even with a life changing event!


Strong? You bet your ass. It’s the equivalent of carrying a baby to term on a battlefield, having that baby in battle, and then continuing to press on.


That motivation and desire to continue forward even though her life had changed so dramatically was, and still is – a very endearing quality. I noticed that our community at Iron Legion didn’t shy away from it. They RECOGNIZED it as the strength it was.


I have too. There is simply nothing more badass than a Mom that stands for something. A Mom that leads by example and does whatever it takes to continue to better themselves and their family.


I’m glad I had that opportunity to change and grow. I believe our community at Iron Legion is better for it as well.


I’m proud to announce we are currently watching a few more Moms pushing back against the status quo and training to full term, and new Moms returning to training and taking charge after their pregnancies. I’m proud of each and every one of them and want to take a minute to thank them for setting a new example for our future generations.


We are establishing a new strength culture here at Iron Legion. Our Moms are on the front lines and the first example of strength that a child sees. Want to change the world? Start with yourself. We got your back.