Sometimes, apparently one can get so busy trying to build something – that they don’t see it when it’s happening all around them. So busy, in fact – that when they see it, it hits them super hard in “the feels” – as the kids say these days.

We set out early on to create a family friendly, respectful, healthy and strong community. A community – no, a family with great core values that would inspire all levels of fitness to believe in themselves and their new adopted family at Iron Legion.

Iron Legion takes this mission to heart and works tirelessly to create the best training atmosphere possible for it’s members. It goes without saying that its a full time job for a lot of folks – and we LOVE IT!

So what inspired me to sit down on a Saturday afternoon and type away? Huge stuff folks.

Our CrossFit classes have a lot of different ways to join. One way is to utilize one of our great programs – The World’s Best Boot Camp North Florida (WBBC). We’ve been running WBBC for about a year now with our other programs here at Iron Legion Athletics. It’s a great experience and a lot of our current CrossFitters have cut their teeth with CrossFit Iron Legion in this program.

Flash forward to today. It’s Enlistment Day for our latest 6 week Boot Camp. Such a nerve racking day for these 60+ new members – exciting, and new, and to make it even scarier – it’s in a place called Iron Legion – yikes.

But they came.

Pretty bad ass already in my opinion.

While they are going through Enlistment – I kick off the 9am CrossFit Class. This is easily a 50+ person 9am Saturday morning class of CrossFitters. We convene outside to give Enlistment the run of the gym. I begin to explain the particulars with the work out – like any normal Saturday. My back is to the street, so I don’t see it when it happens.

The Boot Camp Enlistees are coming in from their run. It’s their first day. They may have never seen or experienced a day like this. A crowd of CrossFitters is between them and the entrance.

I didn’t have to say it – it just happened.

The CrossFit crowd opened up. But not only did they open up enough to allow them to come through – they started cheering. And the cheering and clapping continued and got louder with each passing Enlistee. The looks of suffering on these runners faces turned to smiles of respect and acknowledgment. It visibly changed their demeanor as they came through.

I didn’t know where to look, what to do. A little overwhelmed – I just clapped and cheered – while realization sunk in. I was so proud of our Enlistees for taking that first step towards a better life – but I was equally proud of our family – our pack.

The encouragement given to our new enlistees was born from having been there themselves. Our members recognize hard work and know the journey can be long, and hard at times – but the reward soooo worth it.

It all starts with one step. One day. Before you know it, you will be that fitter person in the mirror, that stronger family, that confident employee or employer, part of a community of people who share a similar vision for themselves that hold themselves to a higher standard.

Now that we’ve recognized our community is strong and thriving – does that mean we stop? Hell no buddy – we are just getting started. We will continue to build this community – this family, this pack in hopes of changing as many people’s lives as possible for the better.