You may have noticed our awesome new sign on SE 1st Ave in Downtown Ocala. Its pretty awesome. I like it a lot.

I also know there are a lot of funny connections that can go on in peoples heads – so, I thought I’d take a minute to explain the name.

“Iron Legion Athletics” as a name is an evolution of business for us. We have grown a lot in the last 5 years from our humble backyard beginnings. We have added so many programs and we do so many different things we just wanted something to capture all of it.

CrossFit is here to stay. We will always be an affiliate – so save your email to HQ. We are always above board – don’t ever forget it. We also, however – have specific programs. We are a licensed operator of The World’s Best Boot Camp. We have sports team training programs, we have Yoga, we have Powerlifting, we have Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, kids programs… and on and on…

Needless to say folks – we have a program here that is perfect for you. It’s also perfect for anyone and everyone that you know. Come see what we are talking about – see why we are different than any other gym experience you will ever have.

And if it makes you feel better – it goes like this:

Iron Legion Athletics

Home of CrossFit Iron Legion


The World’s Best Boot Camp North Florida

Hope that clears it up for you! If you are interested in checking out Iron Legion Athletics and our vast array of professionally coached programs – give us a call at 352-620-2625 to set up a free introductory session to learn just what we can offer YOU Ocala!