I typically take the days off after Fenrir’s Mayhem to travel to Asgard to boast of the great tales of Mayhem Glory to the Gods. Its why you haven’t heard from me for a couple days.  Now that I am back –

Thank you.

Honestly – this year’s Fenrir’s Mayhem 4 was so much fun. It was by FAR the hottest damn day I’ve ever had, but so much frickin FUN!

The mutual respect between our athletes and judges was on point! Overall we had volunteers this year that were just as driven as the athletes! The entire staff of volunteers across the board pulled out every stop and busted their ASS to make the athlete experience as awesome as it was! To you volunteers – I humbly say thank you, and I am very proud of how you represented us and our community!

All of our sponsors and vendors were a huge help pulling this thing off – their support to our community of health and fitness in Ocala, Florida was clear. Iron Legion is here to change lives for the better in our community – having the sponsors we had helped us bring awareness to who we are, and some of the fun we can have with the “What if Fitness was Fun” mindset!!

The athletes that showed up this year – mad respect for you guys! Your training and commitment to training showed. We marketed specifically to certain type of athlete. And that type of athlete came. Quite simply put – we didn’t create this event for “everybody”.

That – however, does not mean “only hardcore athletes” – it means something else entirely.

We seek out the committed – the athletes with heart, determination and grit. Whether you are a few months into your fitness journey – or a seasoned athlete, you have a place at Fenrir’s Mayhem if you have the dedication and drive needed to be successful. It’s character, and drive we are looking for regardless of whether you have just started or not. We seek out those athletes who can dig deep and truly grind. I saw PRs from beginners all day long! I saw seasoned athletes struggling alongside athletes who were just starting out – screams of encouragement everywhere! Just awesome to witness!

And you BAMFr’s showed up! I only saw a few cry babies that may not have followed my social media posts and were completely unaware of what they signed up for – but what’s a competition without some baby tears? Overwhelmingly, you guys took on Mayhem like true warriors – just like I knew you would! Congrats to all of you!!

The heat was REAL however. Real enough that we are currently planning on Mayhem 5 being in a cooler month. Stay tuned to your emails and Social Media for the new dates… Ahh… screw it. I’ll just tell you. November 4th and 5th, 2016 are the new dates for Mayhem 5. We are going to do two this year (only) so we dont have to wait all the way until November of 2017 for the next Mayhem. So again – pay attention to your emails – we will be sending a special offer to athletes and vendors for Mayhem 5. Bigger, Stronger, and Cooler haha!

Again guys – its with great honor and respect to all of you – Thank You for making Mayhem 4 awesome this year. Here’s to the new dates and cooler weather.

Keep training – and we will keep creating events worthy of your commitment and dedication.

Lift Heavy, Go Fast, Take Risks!