It’s that time again. The New Year is upon us. No – err, wait a minute… it’s not. It’s only November. I know – I know, you don’t want to hear anything related to fitness and health right now. I get it – you are focused on time off and getting your food coma on.

But lets be real for a second. Has that ever worked?

“Has what ever worked?”

Procrastination.  It’s a big word – here are some examples: “I’ll start Monday” or “I’ll start January 1st” or “My kids got _________ (fill in the blank)”

We get it – we’ve seen it, heck – we’ve been there. I like to procrastinate burpees – and rowing, but we aren’t here to talk about me (although it is my favorite subject).

You have an opportunity right now to get a jump on how you look, feel and perform on January 1st. Check this out:

Iron Legion – conveniently located in downtown historic Ocala, is here to be a catalyst for change in our community. We believe in each and every one of our members and we are committed to their vision of what they want out of their health and fitness goals. Young, old, newbie, experienced athlete, injured, recovering, professional, adaptive – we are here to support your BEST version of yourself.

Unlike a regular gym we are a structured class of coaches. Each of our classes are challenging and fun – they are always fresh and different. Our coaches are engaged in each class to keep you moving forward towards your goals in a safe and effective manner. If your goal is to be the healthiest version of yourself you have ever been – we are here to facilitate that. If you want to compete – we are here for that too.

We understand that everyone’s goals in regards to fitness are different and we coach each of our classes in that manner. We even have specialty classes designed specifically to shore up any areas you may need or want extra work on!

Iron Legion did not set out to be like every other gym in the area. The foundation of our business is to build a faster, healthier, stronger community here in Ocala through fitness. Not status quo fitness staring at a mirror, but with a unique and different take on fitness – where family and community come first,and fitness is FUN.

Here in our Iron Legion community – you look forward to seeing what the workout is for the day, you come to the gym to do work with members you have gotten to know through sweat and hard work as a team, as a community of stronger, better people! And most of all – you are motivated to have fun in a safe and challenging environment.

So, how about this year we try something different? Check out Mike’s journey with us (the video above all this text) and get to know us a little better. Then: Lets get started now – just click any of the Free Intro buttons to schedule an Intro, or give us a call at 352-620-2625.

I hope to talk to you soon – we are building this community of Ocala with people just like you – come and check us out!

– Coach Ted