CrossFit Iron Legion – WOD

Metcon (Time)

As Teams of 2:

Buy-In: 2 x 200m partner carry, any way*

–100 alternating med ball abmat sit-ups w/ feet interlaced, handing med ball to partner at top of sit-up (20#/14#)

–100 med ball passes w/ partner, with full squats once catching and before passing (20#/14#)

–12 rope climbs, alternating (up downs are 2 for 1)

50m synchronized burpee broad jumps–inside arms interlocked for your broad jump

Cash-Out: 2 x 200m partner carry, anyway*

*5 burpee penalty each each time your partner touches the ground during the 200m carry;

*25 burpee penalty (each) if one partner has to do the carrying on both of the 200m trips