CrossFit Iron Legion – WOD

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3:

*While one teammate runs/rows/jumps, the other two perform the prescribed barbell movement while sharing a barbell (alternating work as you choose). Stick with that barbell movement until each teammate has completed their run/row/jumps, then move on to the next run/movement.

**Rx weights are heavy for this workout–plan on scaling and using no more than 75% of your 1 rep max.

3 x 400m Run + Max Reps Squat Snatches 135/95

3 x 50 Calorie Row + Max Reps Power Cleans 135/95

3 x 100 DUs (3 for 1 SUs for Sx) + Max Reps Push Jerks 135/95

3 x 50 Box Jumps 24/20 + Max Reps Back Squats 135/95

Complete for time. Each rep completed counts as 3 seconds off the total time to complete the workout.