One thing that I’ve noticed since opening the doors at CrossFit Iron Legion is that folks unknowingly automatically assume that “CrossFit” is a franchise. It’s not.


It’s easy to see why folks feel this way in a country full of “Mclook-a-like business-Marts”.


Franchises follow a strict guideline to maintain the same – or status quo across all stores. It’s a business tact that works for them, but it’s not how CrossFit gyms operate. (Thank goodness, because that’s boring).


CrossFit is not a franchise. CrossFit is simply an affiliation. Each CrossFit Gym out there is independently owned and operated and will 100% of the time reflect the Owner’s and Operating Staff’s passions and attitudes towards fitness. More often than not this is what makes them great and unique. Sadly if those passions and attitudes are poor – then it’s very likely that the gym will be the same.


Every CrossFit Gym is different. It’s the best part about it!! Find a CrossFit Gym that fits YOU. Find one that is suited towards your values and goals. Don’t just go to the closest one – or the cheapest, or the Groupon deal, because CrossFit Gyms are not the same! Do your research, talk to the staff. It will make the difference I assure you.


You are taking a step in a very positive direction. Make sure you follow through by making sure that the goals of your gym of choice match yours, and if they don’t, move on. There are CrossFit Gyms on six inch centers in every city these days. You could very likely visit 3 distinctly different gyms in an hour in any given city.


During your due diligence, make sure you drop by here at CrossFit Iron Legion and check us out. We look forward to meeting with you and we would be honored to give you a tour of our facility. We would be proud to introduce you to our awesome staff and our amazing members. Come see what makes our gym distinctly different. See you in the Gym, and good luck on your fitness journey!


Here is a link to some of our videos to help give you a feel of what we are about!