Getting better at CrossFit and increasing your fitness isn’t just about going to the gym and doing the daily WOD. There is a lot you can do outside of the gym to take yourself to the next level and increase performance.

Diet: First and foremost, what you’re eating plays a major role in training. This can’t be discounted. Consider getting on a Paleo friendly diet or other diet that supplements your training goals and be sure to replenish yourself with recovery in mind. Consume a recovery drink (protein shake or other) post-WOD or otherwise eat a healthy meal shortly after a tough gym session so you don’t remain in a catabolic state. Repairing muscles and refueling is critical.

Research: One of the best ways to learn new techniques is to research it outside of the gym. Always consult your coaches first, but check articles on CrossFit Journal and look at videos of elite CrossFitters to see how they approach movements. If you’re interested in learning better technique for Olympic lifting, watch YouTube videos of Olympians and other tutorials. Check out the Catalyst Athletics website for great articles and blog posts on lifting.

Instruction for some of the more high skill movements can be found online. See these videos on double unders, muscle ups, rope climbs, and butterfly pullups.

OYO WOD: When I was a college coach, I would prescribe on-your-own (OYO) workouts for my athletes, because there simply wasn’t enough time in practice to do everything we needed to do to get better. This usually took on the form of light aerobic work. The same is true if you’re trying to improve your CrossFit performance. Consider working on weaknesses outside of the gym.

If you know your cardio needs serious improvement, see if you can do a couple of extra runs or bikes per week. These should be low intensity and higher time domain. If you have a jump rope, practice double unders in your driveway until they’re second nature. Also consider adding in fun sport sessions for agility work and change of pace. This can be anything: basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, skiing, surfing, etc.

As always, consult your coaches first to make sure any supplementary workouts are congruent with your overall goals. Don’t overtrain and make sure you’re getting plenty of rest.

Mobility: One thing you can definitely do is a 10’ – 15’ mobility session each day during your down time. These are great for increasing flexibility and recovery on your off days. Check for what to do.

Rest: Last but not least, performance won’t go anywhere unless you’re resting adequately. Make sure to get plenty of it!

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