Talking Tuesdays with Coach Sarah

Talking Tuesdays with Coach Sarah

The CrossFit Games are Coming to JAX?!?!?!?

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Word on the street, unconfirmed word on the street I might add, is that the CrossFit Games are coming to Jacksonville, Florida.   

This makes me happy for SO many reasons….here’s my top three:   

Reason #1 – Hello, isn’t it obvious … WE CAN DRIVE THERE!  Who wants to road trip with me?  In all seriousness though, the main reason I’ve never made it to the CrossFIt Games, aside from my lack of physical excellence, is that it’s all the way in California.  The trip is an expensive one.  Having the Games closer to home makes for a $0 plane ticket.  Also, shacking up with friends in Jax will minimize the hotel costs.  Essentially the cost of the trip went from 1k+ to a couple hundred dollars!

Reason #2 – More traffic to Florida gyms.  I feel like the state of Florida is chalk full of amazing athletes but sometimes the CrossFit light only shines on California and maybe Tennessee (for obvious reasons).  Florida has some kick ass athletes and bringing the Games closer to home will allow for our local gyms to get WAY more exposure.  

Reason #3 – The Weather.  If we have to train in this hellacious heat, and hear everyone bitch and moan that California is “hot”, I want them to experience the dreaded heat that is Florida.  Even better, throw in a mid-day thunderstorm to make everything wet.   Train in the elements.  Learn to appreciate the humidity (if that is even possible).  I can’t wait to see the Icelandic ladies in these conditions – there isn’t anything icy about Florida!

So, to the CrossFit Gods, please make this a real thing.  

I know I’m not the only South-Eastern CrossFitter who’s excited about this.  

The CrossFit Games 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida.  It just has a good ring to it!

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