Talking Tuesdays with Coach Sarah

Talking Tuesdays with Coach Sarah

Fia’s for Breakfast, Fia’s for Lunch, Fia’s for Dinner – Munch Munch Munch


I really do love me some Fia’s.  

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, Fia isn’t a person, it’s a company.  Well, actually, it’s a person too but that doesn’t really matter at this moment.

Fia’s Paleo is a meal delivery service in the greater Central Florida area.  They drop off meals to close to 50 gyms across Florida, traveling from Fort Myers all the way to little old Ocala and everywhere in between.  Their meals are made fresh every Sunday evening – Monday morning and delivered FRESH, never frozen to local gyms.  

For years, Fia’s has been know as a Paleo company.  However, they’re actually expanding their brand to include meals that aren’t just strictly Paleo.  In fact, yesterday I had a pasta dish that was out of this world AH-MAZ-ING!  I hadn’t had pasta in forever and it tasted so good.  I was so fulfilled after the meal and it hit every craving I could have ever had.   

For my family, Fia’s is a part of our weekly meal planning.  It is dinner every night during the week and my husbands lunch most days (mine too from time to time).  Before Fia’s there were many a night when I would come home after coaching, it would be after 8pm, and I would have to start dinner.  If my husband had already made dinner, there were still dishes to do and a mess to clean up.  Dinner was always such a chore because of the hours that I work.

Fia’s has made life so much simpler.   Now, regardless of when I get home, I slip my meal into the microwave, warm it up for a few minutes, and BOOM … dinner time!

There are a few classic Fia’s meals that are amazing and are almost always on the menu.  The Coconut Bang Bang Chicken is a staple of Fia’s and is essentially the best chicken fingers with the most amazing sauce you’ve ever had.  The pulled pork meal for the week is also great – the flavor is always changing but the meal is always a go to for my household.  Finally, the energy balls, regardless of the flavor are always out of this world.  I literally have to pace myself when I eat them so I don’t gorge on the whole container.

The highlight for me with Fia’s though is that each meal has the macro nutrients on the label (calories, protein, carb, & fat).  For me, someone who follows a Flexible Eating lifestyle, tracking my macros is key.  Fia’s makes my tracking so easy.  Most of their meals are in My Fitness Pal too so you can literally just search the name and there it is – a quick add to your meal planning and you’re on your way.

So how do you order your Fia’s?  Good question.  First, go to the link below.  Create a profile (don’t worry about picking a drop off location when you set up your profile).  On Thursdays of each week you can start ordering and you can order through Sunday afternoons.  I will tell you, they do sell out of meals so it’s best to buy your meals by Friday evening.  

At checkout, you will choose your drop-off location.  Basically, the closest CrossFit gym to you that is listed.  Then, on Monday by mid-afternoon, you can swing by that gym and pick-up your meals!  It’s that simple.


So, visit their website, get an idea of what the weekly menu looks like, and then look out for my discount code to use for your order this week.

Also, follow the flexible eating link to get access to your FREE case studies 🙂


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