CrossFit Iron Legion – Origins


We began with a search of purpose–a need to make an impact in other lives for the better. Iron Legion started in the backyard and slowly built into what it is today: a community of friends and family who have come together to not only support and inspire one another’s fitness journeys, but their lives as a whole.

The journey building this community has been great! Growing a business and a community like this is full of all of the crazy ups and downs of life. Sometimes it’s important to lift your head up from your work and check your progress.

When my daughter was born with Down Syndrome we had to take that second to stop and look around. What initially scared us turned into a blessing because we realized there is no better community of love and support for her to grow up in.

Take a moment to get to know Iron Legion – we are here to make a very real, positive impact on Ocala.


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