Ted Dreaver

  • Owner – CrossFit Iron Legion
  • Owner – Viking Iron Events
  • CrossFit Level One, Level  Two
  • USA Weightlifting Level One Coach

Ted DreaverTed Dreaver began his fitness journey days after the events of September 11th. His career managing Homeland Security Construction Projects drove the point home daily for preparedness and personal responsibility. From that day forward, he has pursued a fitness oriented lifestyle that enables the individual to be ready for anything, at any time.
CrossFit’s training methodology truly prepares an individual to tackle everyday life situations, whether they are physical or mental. Coaching and training after receiving the CrossFit Level One certification led to more and more interest in how to educate people about how and why CrossFit works.

Ted continued his fitness journey by attending various clinics utilized to enhance the CrossFit experience for not only himself, but for his members. Rudy Nielson’s Outlaw Training Camp in North Carolina and Spencer Arnolds’s Texas Outlaw Olympic Training Camp in Tampa, Florida were huge highlights and reflect a lot of what we do here at CrossFit Iron Legion. Ted has also pursued and received his USA Weightlifting Level One Coaching Certificate with Daniel Camargo.

Ted’s passion for all things CrossFit are very apparent at this Box. Want to get better at CrossFit? Olympic Lifting? Competition Strategy? – here is where you come.

Alex Ford

Alex Ford

CrossFit L1
USA Weightlifting L1 Coach

Alex’s introduction to the sport of crossfit began early in life when his father ran an affiliate in Ocala, Florida. It wasn’t until 2012 that he began using the crossfit model ,at home, as a training tool to enhance his performance in highschool sports like football, wrestling, and weightlifting. Wanting to participate in the 2015 open but not knowing how to go about doing so in the garage, he reached out to Ted at Iron Legion and was quickly integrated into the community. Shortly after joining as a member Alex took an opportunity to shadow the gym’s head coach at the time and eventually moved into a role as a full time coach himself. Currently on track to receive a bachelors as a physical therapy assistant and with future goals of obtaining his doctorate in physical therapy, Alex sees himself growing with the Iron Legion family. He hopes to one day use this schooling and the crossfit methodology to bring a much stronger understanding of health and fitness to the Ocala community.

Steven Wingo

  • CrossFit Level 3
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit Endurance Coach
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Coach

Steve WingoSteve, an avid cyclist and endurance athlete at the time, started CrossFit in the summer of 2012 for the purpose of preparing to haul a 45 pound backpack around the Grand Canyon for a 6 day back country hiking trip.  He had planned to train for just a few months to get ready for the trip, then return full time to cycling.  But he quickly fell in love with the challenging workouts and the friendly competitiveness, camaraderie, and sense of community he found at CrossFit Iron Legion.  He now does CrossFit six days a week and loves the balanced fitness and continued challenges CrossFit presents.

Steve has Bachelor of Art’s and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Florida and is an attorney by day, but his passions have always involved athletics, fitness, nutrition and the great outdoors.  His athletic endeavors have included competitive tennis, distance running, cross country mountain bike racing, cycling, rock climbing, multi-day backcountry hiking trips, peak bagging, kayaking, and others–anything that is outdoors and involves physical exertion.  He has completed the New York Marathon, a 100 mile mountain bike endurance race, and multiple century rides on the road bike.  His best half-marathon time is 1 hour, 27 minutes and his best 5k time is 18:22, both run when he was in his mid-30s.   He has done several multi-day hiking trips in strenuous terrain, including the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Park, and has topped out at over 14,000 feet on Pyramid Peak in Colorado just 24 hours after leaving sea level in Florida.

Having an endurance athletics background, and understanding the many pitfalls of training primarily for one activity in lieu of a balanced fitness, Steve wants to help others understand the health benefits of a fitness program that emphasizes broad physical abilities and functional movement.

Sarah James

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • University of Central Florida Masters Degree of Educational Leadership

sarahSarah began her CrossFit journey in Apopka, FL at CrossFit High Octane where she was a member for 1 year. She began CrossFit in June of 2012 and instantly fell in love with the sport. She enjoys the competitive atmosphere and the continual opportunity for improvement. Sarah earned her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certification in June of 2013 and moved to Ocala, FL. She joined CrossFit Ocala and began coaching – something she also fell in love with. Teaching has always been something she enjoyed and helping people reach their daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals is truly inspiring. Sarah took a year off from coaching to focus on her professional career as an educator but is back to coaching and devoted to it. Sarah has taken the podium at many competitions over the past three years and regularly competes at the RX or Elite level.

Lindy Hallick


  • Georgia Southern University- Degree in Health and Physical Education K-12
  • Forest High School- 2004-2007- Science/ Health Teacher (Rookie Teacher of the Year in 2006)
  • Head Women’s Track and Field Coach at Forest High School- 2004-2007
  • Assistant Weightlifting Coach at Forest High School- 2004-2007
  • Gymnastics Coach at Balcony Gymnastics- 1997-2003, Currently Coaching Level 1/ Level 2 Competitive Team
  • CrossFit Level One


  • Division 1 Track and Field at Georgia Southern University
  • NCAA Regional Qualifier in the Javelin- 2004
  • Southern Conference Champion- Javelin- 2004
  • Southern Conference Champion- 55m hurdle- 2002
  • Georgia Southern Record Holder Javelin/ 55m hurdles
  • 3a State Champion 100m hurdles, 2nd 300m hurdles- 2000
  • 3a State Runner Up- Girls Weightlifting- 2000
  • Vanguard High School Record Holder- 100m and 300m hurdles
  • Competed Gymnastics to Level 9

Lindy HallickI began Crossfit in September of 2012, a few months after having our third little girl. My goal at the time was to lose 20 pounds and regain general strength. After a few months of hard work, I attained that goal. I quickly learned as long as I showed up, I would finish the workout with the encouragement of coaches and fellow athletes. I was hooked! I love the challenging workouts and the friendly competitiveness.

I resigned from coaching high school athletics in 2007 to become a stay at home mom. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to coach again at Crossfit Iron Legion. I love helping others achieve their goals and be able to function better in their everyday life. I have a passion for coaching middle/high school athletes.

James Geering

  • NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Foundation Training Instructor
  • University of North London – Dip HE: Sports Science and Fitness Evaluation
  • University of Florida Exercise Physiology – Bachelor’s Program.

James began CrossFit back in 2008, training on his own from the CrossFit main site.  Following a career in the stunt industry, James became a Firefighter/Paramedic 12 years ago.  After suffering a serious back injury at the Fire Department, he joined Iron Legion to rebuild his body from the ground up.  He used CrossFit, Foundation Training and Chiropractic treatment to heal his back without drugs or surgery.  James then traveled to California to train with Eric Goodman and is now a Certified Foundation Training coach.  James has been a lifelong athlete and competitive martial artist, winning national titles in his home country of England.

“I like to deliver the message of health and movement when coaching.  The fitness industry focuses so much on aesthetics but negates a person’s ability to move well.  Our athletes don’t just improve body composition; they improve both posture and mobility.  Build a strong foundation and your desire to improve will increase as your movement progresses.  Iron Legion’s philosophy is to rebuild weaknesses and improve strengths by combining gymnastic movements, Olympic lifts and metabolic conditioning.  In my opinion, as a firefighter and martial artist, there is no better training for overall health, strength, mobility and fitness.”


Timothy Zapata

  • CrossFit Level One

Tim Zapata
Tim loves to help people move better and help them achieve goals they thought were impossible to them. He has a long background in Olympic weight lifting and will play any sport involving a ball and even the ones that don’t. He is a L-1 CrossFit Coach which is one of his most prized accomplishments. 28 years young – born and raised in the south Bronx, moved to Ocala 10 years ago this summer.

Paul Caron


Paul’s involvement in athletics began at a young age. Growing up in a very athletic family in Maine, Paul began playing organized baseball and ice hockey at age 5. He remained active in competitive athletics throughout his high school years.

While serving in the US Army, Paul served as a temporary duty recreation specialist. Duties included working ski patrol and conducting bicycle tours from Germany into Austria. Since discharge from the Army, Paul has tried various fitness and conditioning programs including a local running club as well as a lap swimming program. In his quest of more challenging conditioning programs, Paul found CrossFit and decided to give it a try. Since then, there has been no turning back.

Paul decided to pursue his L1 certification in 2015 with the eventual goal of sharing his insight into fitness through coaching. The rewards of coaching include: sharing the athlete’s excitement when they acquire a new skill or when they improve on their previous performance, contributing to a client’s increased level of self-confidence as they progress through cycles, and assisting athletes toward achieving their potential level of fitness.

Paul is aware that we are all genetically different and we all have different health goals. Achievement of these goals may be influenced by lifestyle, diet, exercise, and personal behavioral patterns. His goal is to help clients find the motivation and tools to achieve their wellness goals with focus on exercise and nutrition. If you’re ready for a change, set up a consultation with Paul to discuss your personal fitness and wellness goals.


  • Competitor, 2016 CrossFit Games, Masters’ 60+ division


  • CrossFit L1 certification
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialization

Emphasis on assessment and correction of muscle imbalances and movement


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

Training periodization

Training variables

Proper nutrition

  • CPR Certification (AHA)
  • Associates Degree in Liberal Studies

Coaching Experience:

  • Proprietor, ATWORKFIT

Fitness programming and coaching for professional clients at their work site.

Programs were structured and tied to the corporate wellness programs.

  • Proprietor, Silver Years Fitness

Functional fitness programming and coaching with emphasis on the age 50+ client.

  • Coached little league baseball for 6 years
  • Coached youth ice hockey for 11 years
  • Coached youth soccer for 11 years

Nutritional Background:

  • Personal experience with several nutritional programs, including: Ketogenic,
  • Paleo, Zone and Renaissance Periodization

Isabelle Ramirez

  • Coach



BS in Biological Sciences from FSU ’13

Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences from Cornell University ’14

Current USAW Sport Performance Coach

From Upstate New York, but graduating high school in Ocala, Isabelle graduated with her bachelors of science in Biological Sciences from Florida State University in 2013. She then had the opportunity to go back to NY and study at Cornell University. She there received a post baccalaureate certificate in Health Sciences.

Bored with her running routine she started CrossFit in Tallahassee and instantly fell love. Years later, she still isn’t bored and has grown as an athlete. She attributes the gain of mental strength, as well as physical, to her consistency in CrossFit.

As a coach Isabelle wants to give each athlete and member the tools and information they need to be successful in their health journey. She enjoys the challenges of coaching and communication.

“I love watching people accomplish their goals. You can see the pride on their faces because they know that the only reason they crushed their goal is through their own hard work and perseverance.”

Looking for a rewarding Career in the CrossFit world with the RIGHT TEAM? Give us a call or shoot us an email with your qualifications and join the fastest growing CrossFit Gym in Marion County.

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