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Banner logoWelcome to the premier CrossFit gym in Ocala, Florida – CrossFit Iron Legion! If you are reading this, you actively sought us out and we can assure you that your desire for a different level of training is appreciated here. We are not the average gym experience. We don’t advertise with giant flashy billboards and we don’t fill our gym with every flim-flam gimmick out there. We don’t promise a six week solution to anything.

Unlike other gyms – we let you know right away that you need to be ready for a very real positive change in your life. There are no short cuts here. If you are willing to commit to the training, then our coaching staff will show you results in your life you never thought possible.

If you found us – it’s because you are tired of the same old results had while staring at yourself in a mirror surrounded by people with ear buds in that could care less about you or your journey. Or you may be tired of dancing in front of your television…

At Iron Legion you will find a welcoming community made up of everyday folks from Ocala. The difference here is that each CFIL members hold ourselves to a higher standard. They want more out of life than the standard gym routine. And what’s even better, they want the same for all the members at Iron Legion. We all hold each other accountable and motivate each other to stay the course.

Every class is professionally coached by a team of instructor focused on getting you real results. At CrossFit Iron Legion you will find structured, safe, and challenging classes that are coached in an environment very similar to how a college or professional team is coached. Every class we have is equally suitable for a novice beginner or a seasoned professional. You will always be under the watchful eye of skilled coaches and while you will be motivated to push, and push you will in a safe and controlled manner.

If you found us and you are reading this, you are ready for change. We have a team of coaches waiting to help you achieve the changes in your life you desire. Our commitment to our members is steadfast. Once you commit to starting here, you will become part of the Ocala fitness community committed to a higher standard. Let’s get started!

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